Vimax is one of the world’s leading male enhancement pills – it’s popular, regarded and renowned! You too can become one of the innumerable men globally who are enjoying the confident sense of power these capsules can provide. The layered fusion of powerful, established botanicals strive to energise and intensify your virile masculinity, to give you – and your partner! – maximum pleasure in every instant.

  • For power, strength & virility
  • Premium blend of herbal factors
  • Powerful, high strength formulation
  • Potent Ginkgo Biloba & Ginseng
  • Leading brand for male sensuality
  • Easy & discreet 1 capsule daily

What is Vimax?

Having established themselves as a leading force in the male enhancement market, Vimax have since remained at the top of their game with their incredible herbal formulation. Men around the world have shared and compared their before and after results, and Vimax reviews speak volumes. Due to this, Vimax Group products, including the original Vimax pills, are frequently thought of as the best approach to natural male enhancement.

The Vimax brand has one, singular driving aim: to craft a fusion of factors that will aid men in maximising their intimate, virile power. From then onwards, men taking Vimax can build their bedroom confidence, whilst enjoying a stronger feeling of sensual stimulation, drive and stamina. These factors are all vital influencers in achieving the most satisfying, exciting intimate life.

What does Vimax do?

These incredible capsules were precisely created with the needs of the manly form considered. Eight active ingredients combine for a formidable approach: Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Cayenne Pepper form the central tri-part team. Other additions, such as Saw Palmetto and Hawthorn Berry, only enhance their potency. Together, these work to heighten your virile masculinity, for energetic power that’s always within your grasp.


We all want our passionate moments to continue until both we, and our partners, are truly satisfied! To give you ultimate confidence in your physical endurance, the Vimax blend includes Panax Ginseng. A globally revered plant extract, this root is popularly used to both fortify and enhance sensory enjoyment.


Experiences of intimate enjoyment have as much to do with our minds as our bodies! To instil excitement in every part of you, stimulating Ginkgo Biloba is part of the mix. Its energising qualities have been associated with both mentality and physicality, for ultimate enjoyment of every moment.


Every supplement’s impact depends on our body’s ability to maximally absorb and utilise its components. Cayenne Pepper is used both to augment that event, and to arouse and invigorate the body. It is also considered to primely position your body for action, so that every capsule delivers.


Who is Vimax for?

Vimax usage is ideal for men looking for a sustained, continuing boost to their bedroom performance. Every capsule is packed with ingredients chosen to also enhance and augment confidence in bed. At the same time, its all-round approach seeks to inspire greater responsiveness, power and pleasure, so that you’re always ready to leap into action. It’s your secret weapon, keeping you primed for every passionate experience.

Taking Vimax

To enjoy all that Vimax has to offer, you just need to take one capsule approximately thirty minutes after your main meal of the day, preferably with a glass of water. Every Vimax bottle contains thirty capsules, designed to be enough for one month’s consumption of Vimax.

How long does Vimax take to work?

Vimax is a unique fusion of herbal, plant-based extracts, which many have found to offer super-fast action. All men’s bodies are different, though, which is why we suggest taking continuously every day. It is recommended that you invest in future usage, for at least three months to begin with, for the ultimate boost in confidence.

Vimax ingredients

Active: Vitamin E 185 IU; Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder, Whole Plant; Panax Ginseng Root Extract, 5% Ginsenosides; Capsicum Annuum Whole Plant; Crataegus Laevigata Extract (10:1), Fruit; Tribulus Extract Powder (20:1), Whole Plant, Saponins 20%; Serenoa Repens, Whole Plant, 45% Fatty Acids; Avena Sativa, Stem Extract (10:1).
Other: Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Water.

Do Vimax pills have side effects?

Plenty of men everywhere, when thinking about their intimate parts, wish there was something they could do to increase penis size, especially in terms of girth and length. Size most certainly isn’t everything, but many men can enjoy themselves more when they feel secure in this regard. Male enhancement devices, pills, exercises and even surgery have now been available for a couple of decades. Herbal extracts, though, have been in use for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Expert knowledge is now creating herbal male enlargement pills, with the intention of targeting many worries. These include ED, or erectile dysfunction, and often hone in on blood circulation. Committing to the best male enhancement pills can be a remarkably powerful method for achieving goals regarding manly sensuality.


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